An angular directive for lindell's JsBarcode
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Check out the demo!

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An angular directive for Lindell's JsBarcode


Install with NPM

npm install --save angular-barcode


import 'angular-barcode';

Or include the script in your code

<script src="node_modules/angular-barcode/dist/angular-barcode.js"></script>

Add it as a module to angular

angular.module('MyExampleApp', ['angular-barcode']);


Default values:

<angular-barcode ng-model="txt" bc-options="bc" bc-class="barcode" bc-type="svg"></angular-barcode>


<angular-barcode ng-model="txt" bc-options="bc" bc-class="barcode" bc-type="img"></angular-barcode>


<angular-barcode ng-model="txt" bc-options="bc" bc-class="barcode" bc-type="canvas"></angular-barcode>

with $scope.bc:

$scope.bc = {
    format: 'CODE128',
    lineColor: '#000000',
    width: 2,
    height: 100,
    displayValue: true,
    fontOptions: '',
    font: 'monospace',
    textAlign: 'center',
    textPosition: 'bottom',
    textMargin: 2,
    fontSize: 20,
    background: '#ffffff',
    margin: 0,
    marginTop: undefined,
    marginBottom: undefined,
    marginLeft: undefined,
    marginRight: undefined,
    valid: function (valid) {

-Take a look at the example/index.html file.

For more details you should definitely check out JSBarcode's Wiki!

Dev / Other

This package is written in ES2015 and uses webpack for bundling.