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This is a fork of https://github.com/stonewell/lib7zip.

The original description follows:

  • A library using 7z.dll/7z.so (from 7-Zip) to handle different archive types.
  • lib7zip is based on 7zip/p7zip source code, but NOT including any source code from 7zip/p7zip.

This fork includes the following changes:

  • Port from autotools to CMake
  • Add automatic downloading of 7-zip sources with cmake
  • Work around "redefining GUIDs", see this discussion for an actual explanation
  • Only look for 7z.dll or 7z.so in the executable's directory, as opposed to:
    • a bunch of paths on linux/mac (in /usr, /usr/local, and ".")
    • all entries of %PATH% on windows (which includes ".")
  • Add a new API, ExtractSeveral
    • Pass a subclass of C7ZipExtractCallback
    • This allows extracting formats like .7z faster, otherwise it keeps re-extracting the same blocks

This fork was made for internal purposes, to expose the 7-zip API to https://github.com/itchio/butler.

As a result, I probably won't be accepting issues/PRs on this repo. Cheers!


This lib7zip fork is distributed under the MPL 2.0 license, as the original. See the COPYING file.

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Visit the original project page for thanks, the original changelog, and so on.