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butler is the command-line tools - all by itself.

It is used by:

  • Content creators on to push builds quickly & reliably
  • the itch app for some network, filesystem and patching operations


Documentation for butler is available as a Gitbook:

Questions about butler are welcome on its Issue tracker, or, if the matter is private, support.


The following projects integrate butler as part of their workflow:

  • itchy-electron lets you package your Electron games for and upload them there
  • gradle-butler-plugin is a Gradle plugin for automatically installing, updating, and running butler as part of your build.


butler was mostly written by Amos Wenger, but wouldn't have been possible without the work of many before him.

Amos would like to thank in particular Leaf Corcoran, Jesús Higueras and Tomáš Duda.


butler is released under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.

Additional licenses

While butler built from source is fully MIT-licensed, some components it can use at runtime (if present) have other licenses:

  • The 7-zip decompression engine (the package) opens dynamic libraries for libc7zip, and 7-zip, which have components licensed under the LGPL 2.1 license and the MPL 2.0 license, along with specific terms for the RAR extraction code.
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