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A calendar application for Vim

Vim meets a next generation application


Press E key to view the event list, and T key to view the task list. Also, press ? key to view a quick help.


Basic Usage



:Calendar 2000 1 1


:Calendar -view=year


:Calendar -view=year -split=vertical -width=27


:Calendar -view=year -split=horizontal -position=below -height=12


:Calendar -first_day=monday


:Calendar -view=clock


You can switch between views with < and > keys.


If you have a trouble like the above screenshot, add the following configuration to your vimrc.

let g:calendar_frame = 'default'


This is a calendar which is ...


The key mappings are designed to match the default mappings of Vim.


The application can be connected to Google Calendar and used in your life.


The appearance is carefully designed, dropping any unnecessary information.


You can choose the calendar in Julian calendar or in Gregorian calendar.


To conclude, very useful.


itchyny (


This software is released under the MIT License, see LICENSE.


Install with your favorite plugin manager.

Google Calendar and Google Task

In order to view and edit calendars on Google Calendar, or task on Google Task, add the following configurations to your vimrc file.

let g:calendar_google_calendar = 1
let g:calendar_google_task = 1

It requires wget or curl.

Important notice

The default client key is not provided anymore and you will get the Authorization Error. You have to create your own Google API key and use for authentication with the following steps.

  • Create a new project in GCP and go to Google APIs.
  • Click ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES add Google Calendar API and Tasks API.
  • Go to Google APIs and click OAuth consent screen from the sidebar.
    • Choose External (Available to any user with a Google Account.) and click CREATE.
    • Input your favorite name to Application name. In the Scopes for Google APIs section, click Add scope and add Google Calendar API ../auth/calendar and Task API ../auth/tasks.
    • Click Save (DO NOT Submit for verification).
  • Go to the Credentials page from the sidebar.
    • Create a new API key and restrict key to the two APIs (Google Calendar API, Tasks API).
      • You have the api key.
    • Create a new OAuth client ID. Select Desktop application for the application type.
      • You have the client id and client secret.
  • Open your terminal and save the credentials.
    • mkdir -p ~/.cache/calendar.vim/ && touch ~/.cache/calendar.vim/credentials.vim
    • chmod 700 ~/.cache/calendar.vim && chmod 600 ~/.cache/calendar.vim/credentials.vim
    • vi ~/.cache/calendar.vim/credentials.vim
    • Add the following three lines and save it. Please be sure to keep this file securely.
let g:calendar_google_api_key = '...'
let g:calendar_google_client_id = ''
let g:calendar_google_client_secret = '...'
  • Add source ~/.cache/calendar.vim/credentials.vim to your .vimrc.
  • Restart Vim and open calendar.vim. You will get the unverified message but click Advanced and Go to your-app (unsafe).
  • Approve against some confirms (maybe three clicks) and you will get the login code. Copy and paste it into the prompt of calendar.vim. Now you'll be authenticated to your application..

Terms of Use

Under no circumstances we are liable for any damages (including but not limited to damages for loss of business, loss of profits, interruption or the like) arising from use of this software. This software deals with your events and tasks. We are not liable for any circumstances; leakage of trade secrets due to the cache files of this software, loss of important events and tasks due to any kind of bugs and absence from important meetings due to any kind of failures of this software. This software downloads your events from Google Calendar, and your tasks from Google Task. DO NOT use this software with important events and tasks. This software downloads your events or tasks to the cache directory. Please be careful with the cache directory; DO NOT share the directory with any cloud storage softwares. This software also uploads your events and tasks to Google APIs. While it uses https, but DO NOT use this software for confidential matters. This software NEVER uploads your events and tasks to any other server except Google's. However, if wget or curl command are replaced with malicious softwares, your events or tasks can be uploaded to other sites. Please use the official softwares for the commands.


A calendar application for Vim





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