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iUI Web Framework
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iUI is a JavaScript and CSS User-Interface framework for smartphones and other mobile devices.

To learn more about iUI, visit the iUI website.

To install and use iUI, see Getting Started.

Mailing Lists (Google Groups)

See our Get Involved page for information on our two Google Groups.

Source Code

iUI Source is hosted on GitHub, but also mirrored on Google Code.

Issues Database

The iUI Issues Database is hosted on Google Code.

iUI WIki

The iUI Wiki is also hosted on Google Code.


You’ll find the latest stable release on our Download page.

See also

About this README

This README.adoc file is in AsciiDoc format. GitHub provides built in support for AsciiDoc. Future iUI documentation will likely be in AsciiDoc. See the AsciiDoc Syntax Quick Reference to learn how to format AsciiDoc.

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