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Simplistic container runtime shim
Rust C
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shimmy - container runtime shim

Shimmy is a simplistic shim between container manager and container runtime. It's primary designed to make programmatic runc execution more friendly for the launching process. It does a couple of handy things:

  • Detaches container runtime process from the launching process.
  • Forwards container STDOUT and STDERR to logs.
  • Tracks container termination and writes its status on disk.
  • [TODO] Allows attaching to container STDIN to forward some data in.
  • [TODO] Allows attaching to container STDOUT & STDERR to read some data from.
  • [TODO] PTY-driven attaching.

Similar projects:

Read more about the project on my blog:


# build debug version
cargo build --bin shimmy

# build release version
cargo build --bin shimmy --release

# integrational tests (conman is required)
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