The homepage for our and associated hostnames.
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This repository hosts the code for our homepage at

The homepage is still an evolving project, with many features unifinished, maybe buggy, etc.


  • Python 3.4+, Django 1.10+
  • A webserver and a database (anything that works with Django)
  • An XMPP-server, this project interfaces with it via xmpp-backends.


  • A pretty standard blog including static pages.
  • Vary some behavior depending on the hostname used, e.g. a different logo on, and
  • A contact page, with GPG encryption if the user added keys.
  • Verious tasks are performed asynchronously using a Celery worker. This adds fast response times even if an operation takes a while (e.g. fetching keys, keyservers are notoriously slow) and dynamic retries (e.g. fetching keys, keyservers are notoriously unreliable).

User management

  • Registration and password reset for XMPP users directly on the homepage.
  • Authentication is performed against the XMPP server, the password is never stored locally.
  • Users can add GPG keys to encrypt emails (password reset, ...) with GPG.
  • Manage XEP-0363 uploads.


The documentation is located at




  • Tags and comments on blog posts.
  • Add a webclient again (JSXC or converse.js?).
  • Calendar export of scheduled downtimes.
  • Minimize Javascript and CSS.
  • Search functionality.


These are a bit further down the road.

  1. Some account settings integration (e.g. ability to configure MAM settings)
  2. Security stuff (e.g. from where you logged in recently, ...)
  3. Notifications/verifications of new logins (e.g. from new countries), maybe?


bootrap inspiration for styling the blog: