My dotfiles for my dev environment, compromising of tmux, vim, zsh and git.
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Jack's Dotfiles

My dotfiles for Vim and ZSH. Shamelessly stolen from tonnes of dotfile repositories I found online.

Files are symlinked into the proper location, and have the . added. For example:

~/dotfiles/vim/vim => ~/.vim
~/dotfiles/vim/vimrc => ~/.vimrc
~/dotfiles/zsh/zshrc => ~/.zshrc
~/dotfiles/git/gitignore_global => ~/.gitignore_global
...and so on


  • Swap your shell to ZSH (System Prefs -> Users -> Right Click on 'Advanced Settings' -> select ZSH from dropdown).
  • (if new MacBook)
  • Clone repository into ~/dotfiles
  • cd ~/dotfiles
  • Go through the Makefile and run the commands to get the things up that you'd like.

Order of Makefile

The best order to run things is:

  • symlinks
  • install_brews
  • antigen
  • nvm
  • python_modules
  • ruby
  • install-global-npms

Ctrl-H in Neovim

If Ctrl-H doesn't work as expected in Neovim, you can run make fix_neovim_ctrl_h.

Vim Plugins

Are all handled with Vim Plug.

Setting up

  • Install the Chalk.terminal theme.
  • Install Input Mono
  • Configure Shift+UP and Shift+DOWN to send the right sequence (such that you can use shift + arrow keys to resize Tmux splits.

Setting up the ergodox keyboards

  • Install Karabiner Elements
  • Map SHIFT+F13 to ( and SHIFT+F14 to ) to get the brackets working on the keyboard
  • Also configure the other FN keys to work correctly as media play/pause and volume up/down

Mac Apps

Most should be installed with the Brewfile, which you can install with make install_brews


  • npm adduser to login to npm
  • Generate a new token for Github and use that to authenticate with hub