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A number of Max externals that make annoying tasks in Max simple and bloat free.
C++ CMake Max
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This package was created using the Min-DevKit for Max, an API and supporting tools for writing externals in modern C++.


You can use the objects provided in this package as-is.

To code your own objects, or to re-compile existing objects, you will need a compiler:

  • On the Mac this means Xcode 9 or later (you can get from the App Store for free).
  • On Windows this means Visual Studio 2017 (you can download a free version from Microsoft). The installer for Visual Studio 2017 offers an option to install Git, which you should choose to do.

You will also need the Min-DevKit, available from the Package Manager inside of Max or directly from Github.

Contributors / Acknowledgements

The jtil is the work of some amazing and creative artists, researchers, and coders.


For support, please contact the developer of this package.

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