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Near-zero config .NET Core library that makes Task Scheduling, Caching, Queuing, Mailing, Event Broadcasting (and more) a breeze!
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Coravel focuses on helping developers get their web applications up-and-running fast - without compromising code quality. It makes what are usually advanced features accessible and easy-to-use - without needing to install any extra 3rd-party infrastructure.

Build .NET Core apps using a simple, expressive and straightforward syntax that lets you focus on your app - "batteries included!"

Coravel Scheduler

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Coravel is a .NET Standard library designed for .NET Core apps. You must be including Coravel into either an existing .NET Core application (version 2.1.0+) or within another .NET Standard project(s).

Coravel CLI

Use the Coravel CLI to get started!

Coravel CLI is a dotnet core tool that you can use as a global executable (similar to npm or dotnet etc.) that gives you easy installs, scaffolding abilities, etc.

Install the tool:

dotnet tool install --global coravel-cli


Coravel requires the nuget package Coravel to get started.

Alternatively, you may install Coravel using the CLI (which will install the package for you):

coravel install


What Do I Do Next?

Check out the top of this readme for an index of Coravel's features, each linking to the appropriate docs!


If you are fixing a typo in one file / place - issue a PR.

Otherwise, please always create an issue first ;)

Coravel Pro

Check out Coravel Pro for a professional admin panel and visual tools that seamlessly integrate into your .NET Core apps.


  • Database persisted scheduling
  • A beautiful UI to manage your jobs/invocables
  • Health metrics dashboard
  • Easily configured tabular reports of your data (supports aggregation/complex projections)
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