A curated list of Atomist articles, references, guides, courses, books, videos and presentations
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Awesome Atomist Awesome

A curated list of Atomist articles, references, guides, courses, books, videos and presentations

Contributions most welcome. See (https://github.com/sindresorhus/awesome) for contributions guidelines.



  1. Articles
  2. Community
  3. Meetups
  4. References
  5. Guides
  6. Code
  7. Videos
  8. Podcasts
  9. Presentations
  10. Courses and Tutorials
  11. Books
  12. Handlers
  13. Templates and Editors
  14. Repository Support
  15. Tooling
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  17. Misc




User Groups Slack Channel

United Kingdom


  • Atomist Reference - Atomist Reference: The Atomist Bot, Atomist Project Template Overview, Authoring Atomist Project Editors and Reviewers with the Atomist DSL, Systems that Atomist Currently Supports.




  • "The Clockwork Gardener: Growing an Elm App With Templates" by Jessica Kerr - Jessica Kerr steps through life alongside her PR flinging, code generating buddy Atomist starting with ChatOps and progressing to CLI.
  • JAX London 2016: Interview with Russ Miles - Rapid overview of Rug - 10 minute Rug Language overview with Russ Miles at JAX London 2016. Awesome because convincing case that a Rug can actually tie things together. Maybe.
  • Atomist Bot Demo - 10 minute Atomist Bot demo showing interaction via Slack channel.
  • The Atomist Bot gets authorized via OAuth, shows status, executes a generator prompting for parameters, creates a compojure-service PR on GitHub project.
  • The demo shows how to list generators.
  • Atomist then is instructed to create a SpringBoot project.
  • Atomist lists it's 54 editors, then adds a Docker file to the SpringBoot project.

Super cool to see the workflow all within Slack with history.

Video Collections


  • InfoQ Podcasts - Jessica Kerr on Productivity, Slack Chatbots, Yak Shaving, & Why Diversity Matters for Innovation


Courses and Tutorials



Project Description
travis-rugs Atomist Rug handlers for Travis CI
kubernetes-rugs Atomist home of Rugs for Kubernetes integration
aws-rugs Atomist Rugs integrating with Amazon Web Services
rug-rugs Atomist Rugs for Rug projects
spring-rugs Atomist project generator for a new Spring Boot Rest Service
jenkins-rugs Home of the Atomist Rugs for Jenkins
github-rugs Atomist Rug handlers for GitHub
circle-rugs Atomist Rugs for integrating Circle CI

Community Rugs

Project Description
aem-rugs Adobe Experience Manager Rugs

TODO: Since spring-rugs contains a generator maybe re-org this section which is titled "Handlers" TODO: Expand with each repo and list each command.

Templates and Editors






Travis CI


  • Atomist Licensing Editors - Manage licensing and copyright notices with Atomist. Add licence from selection of 25+ licence templates including AFL-3.0, GPL-3.0, and all the usual suspects



Editor and IDE plugins, IDE plugins

TODO: If you are reading this and have information please provide an edit to this table

NOTE: Now the Rug DSL is being superceeded by TypeScript this table will have Rug DSL only tools removed at some point.

Name Status Description Further Information and Link
IntelliJ IDEA -
Atom Pre-publication A Rug language package for the Atom editor https://github.com/atomist/language-rug
Atom - An Atom plugin for running Elm Atomist Rugs https://github.com/mbylstra/elm-atomist-rugs-atom-plugin
Eclipse -
Emacs Early Stages Emacs major mode for the Rug language https://github.com/atomist/rug-emacs-mode
VI -
CodeMirror -
Visual Code Studio -

Repository Support

TODO: If you are reading this and have information please provide an edit to this table

Name Status Description Further Information and Link
GitHub Generally Available
GitHub Enterprise n/a
GitLab n/a
Bitbucket Atomist Team Investigating
TeamCity Mentioned on Slack https://atomist-community.slack.com/archives/announce/p1485342173000135
Team Services n/a

Other Tools




To the extent possible under law, Janek Bogucki has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.