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Jikan rest api PHP client, PHP Client for the unofficial myanimelist api, generated using janePHP.

Install it with composer:

composer require jikan/jikan-php

Getting Started

Require your client implementation

For example

 composer require php-http/guzzle7-adapter

For more clients & adapters check

Instantiate the client

$jikan = Client::create();

Use it to request MAL data

Check the client for the correct type hint

/** @var AnimeIdGetResponse200 $response */
$response = $jikan->getAnimeById(5114);
$anime = $response->getData();

If you experience any issues, open an issue, or even better a Pull Request!


Has jikan been updated? You can update the client by using this command:

composer update-jikan

Then make a PR to merge it into the master branch.