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@agilgur5 agilgur5 released this 29 Mar 04:52
· 130 commits to master since this release

Template Bugfix

  • tsconfig.json include was changed to remove test from the array. This faulty include resulted in declarations being generated in dist/ for test files as well as slowing down builds. It was also the cause of TS errors around v0.13.0's change to rootDir: './src'


  • Testing has been significantly improved in the commits leading up to this release, including:
    • creating an integration test set-up
    • creating many integration tests
    • migrating the tests to TypeScript (they were previously 99% JS)


Lists of commits:

Template Bugfix

  • (fix): remove faulty tsconfig.json include of test dir (#646) aa09dcb


  • (format): format all files, not just src/ and test/ (#648) 3cb3841
  • (refactor): make preset-env variable naming more explicit (#643) 477a6dd
  • (clean): remove unused test/utils/psKill and its deps (#627) 9f559fa
  • (clean): remove some unnecessary internal declarations (#637) 985a97b
  • (clean): remove all references to --define (#636) 6e34b20


  • (refactor): migrate all tests and test helper code to TS (#649) 863c56d
  • (docs/fix): remove erroneous Test README sub-header 9fde343
  • (test): ensure Babel presets are merged and applied (#627) ee391e4
  • (fix/test): wrap shell.grep bc it shouldn't always succeed (#627) 25587a5
  • (test): ensure a regenatorRuntime import is added (#627) fc4e23e
  • (test): ensure styled-components works with TSDX (#627) 9569d0c
  • (refactor): move safePackageName test to a unit test dir (#627) 9d72222
  • (refactor): move lint -> fixtures/lint, and the test out (#627) 944ab02
  • (refactor): rename tests -> e2e, integration-tests -> integration (#627) 70c8c68
  • (test): ensure tsdx.config.js w/ rollup-plugin-postcss works (#627) 1e690b5
  • (test): ensure --extractErrors kind of works (#627) 7617726
  • (refactor): move manual tests into integration test dir (#627) a43da8d
  • (fix/test): resolve reproducibility issues w/ execWithCache (#621) d234dff
  • (refactor): split build tests into separate files per fixture (#621) 05e5b64

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