A simple project

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To use Jasmine with a simple project, download the standalone distribution for the desired version of Jasmine from the jasmine releases page. Edit the SpecRunner.html file (located in the root of your jasmine standalone download):

  • add your source files as separate <script> tags before the Jasmine files to the head element
  • add your spec files as separate <script> tags after the Jasmine files to the head element
  • All paths pointing to lib/jasmine-jasmine-1.1.0.rc1, if any, should point to the parent directory. E.g.: lib/jasmine-1.1.0.rc1/jasmine.js should point to ../jasmine.js

Point your favorite browser to the SpecRunner.html file and reload to run your specs.

As you add new files to your project, make sure to add source and spec <script> tags.

If you get tired of managing your files manually check out how to use Jasmine in A ruby project (with or without rails) (or a project that doesn't mind having Ruby around).