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Modern JavaScript Tutorial
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The Modern JavaScript Tutorial

This repository hosts the English content of the Modern JavaScript Tutorial, published at


We'd like to make the tutorial available in many languages. Please help us to translate.

See for the details.


We'd also like to collaborate on the tutorial with other people.

Something's wrong? A topic is missing? Explain it to people, add as PR 👏

You can edit the text in any editor. The tutorial uses enhanced "markdown" format, easy to grasp. And if you want to see how it looks on-site, there's a server to run the tutorial locally at

The list of contributors is available at


Every chapter, article or a task has its folder.

The folder is named like N-url, where N is a number for the sorting purposes and url is the URL part with title of the material.

The type of the material is defined by the file inside the folder:

  • stands for a chapter
  • stands for an article
  • stands for a task (solution must be provided in file aswell)

Each of these files starts from the # Main header.

It's very easy to add something new.

Ilya Kantor @iliakan

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