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Running untrusted code using container -
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Koderunr (read code runner) is a container-based service that allows you to run code without programming language installation pain, instead the program will be executed remotely in a container.

Gif Example


You can go to the cli directory and run go build to get the command line binary.

Or you can cross compile to the binaries that running on platforms including OS X, Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD by doing rake build, which can allow you to build production ready binaries.

Web Interface

Now it's live on!


Suppose you have a ruby file called foo.rb, which has the source

print "Enter a number to count down: "
num = readline.to_i rescue 0

num.downto(0) do |i|
  puts "...#{i}"
  sleep 1

puts "boom!"

You can execute the source code by running the command - and the results will be outputted as below with time intervals.

$ kode run foo.rb
Enter a number to count down: 4

Also you can specified version of the language you want by

$ kode run foo.rb -version=2.3.0 # Running foo.rb using ruby 2.2.0


  • Support more languages (e.g. C, python, ruby, Erlang), at the moment only Go is supported. Now supporting Go, C, ruby, python.
  • Running the Docker containers in a proper Docker client rather than using system calls, so we can create-attach-run-kill containers automatically.
  • Serious cli support
  • cli configuration
  • Binaries distribution
  • Web interface that sucks less...
  • Server and Docker containers hosting
  • Support programming language versioning
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