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A chrome extension to browse for related topics on Hacker News (built with clojurescript)
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Hacker News Lookup

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Hacker News Lookup is a minimal and non-intrusive Chrome extension that allows you to lookup on Hacker News the page that you are currently viewing, and browse for related pages.


Chrome Webstore

Blog post

Demo (video)

Local setup

Extension development

We assume you are familiar with ClojureScript tooling and you have your machine in a good shape running recent versions of java, maven, leiningen, etc.

  • clone this repo somewhere:

    git clone
    cd hnlookup
  • it gets built into resources/unpacked/compiled folder.

    In one terminal session run:

    lein dev

    if you want it to have the hot reload with figwheel, you will need to add the plugin lein-figwheel but I use figwheel-sidecar within cursive (see instructions below)

  • use latest Chrome Canary with Custom Formatters enabled

  • open Chrome Canary and add resources/unpacked via "Load unpacked extension..."

Figwheel + Cursive + Live REPL

  • add a run configuration under Run/Edit Configurations

  • Under clojure REPL, click + and select Use clojure.main in normal JVM process with parameters "scripts/repl.clj"


To all the authors and contributors of the libraries I use but especially for the chromex library and chromex-sample boilerplate

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