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A cache backend for Django using pylibmc
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pylibmc cache backend for Django

This package provides a memcached cache backend for Django using pylibmc. You want to use pylibmc because it's fast.


django-pylibmc requires Django 1.3+. It was written and tested on Python 2.7.


Get it from pypi:

pip install django-pylibmc

or github:

pip install -e git://


Your cache backend should look something like this:

    'default': {
        'BACKEND': 'django_pylibmc.memcached.PyLibMCCache',
        'LOCATION': 'localhost:11211',
        'TIMEOUT': 500,
        'BINARY': True,
        'OPTIONS': {  # Maps to pylibmc "behaviors"
            'tcp_nodelay': True,
            'ketama': True

If you want to use the memcached binary protocol, set the BINARY key's value to True as shown above. BINARY is False by default.

If you want to control pylibmc behaviors, use the OPTIONS. OPTIONS is an empty dict by default.

Pylibmc supports compression and the minimum size (in bytes) of values to compress can be set via the Django setting PYLIBMC_MIN_COMPRESS_LEN. The default is 0, which is disabled.

Pylibmc 1.3.0 and above allows to configure compression level, which can be set via the Django setting PYLIBMC_COMPRESS_LEVEL. It accepts the same values as the Python zlib module. Please note that pylibmc changed the default from 1 (Z_BEST_SPEED) to -1 (Z_DEFAULT_COMPRESSION) in 1.3.0.

Configuration with Environment Variables

Optionally, the memcached connection can be configured with environment variables (on platforms like Heroku). To do so, declare the following variables:



This package breaks away from the current handling of timeout=0 in Django. Django converts 0 into the default timeout, while django-pylibmc leaves it as 0. memcached takes 0 to mean "infinite timeout." You can still pass None to get the default timeout.


Install tox:

pip install tox

Run the tests like this:

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