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A clandestine operation to make AMO happy
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Pull request Compare This branch is 18455 commits behind mozilla:master.
Latest commit 2d53e50 Jeff Balogh switch to mozilla/zamboni-lib
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apps other apps by ... should show only apps (bug 689658)
configs keep history anonymised
docs py2.7 compatability and update docs about cache, cope with no jpeg
lib add an lru cache from Raymond Hettinger
media let aux nav overlap over search suggestions (bug 694567)
migrations models + admin for overriding add-on compatibility (bug 692971, 692972)
requirements temp remove M2Crypto so hudson will work
scripts treat vendor like a submodule
services pass the query params through update to watermarked (bug 691606)
templates ajax search results: a cvan/gkobes collabo (bug 684342)
tmp Adds empty tmp dirs so a fresh clone can run tests, etc, without errors
vendor @ 0999c4e update vendor
wsgi include the current time in the wsgi env
.git-wtfrc tell git-wtf to ignore gh-pages
.gitignore Ignores .vagrant files
.gitmodules switch to mozilla/zamboni-lib
LICENSE Adding BSD License; bug 539671
README.rst The README is a bit outdated
STYLE.rst Tweaked style guide THIS IS ZAMBONI fab test failsfast by default that's quite enough of that protect us from wayward localizers stats overview page Keeps tests passing when you have new features turned on in settings … Add preliminary L10n dashboard. p=fwenzel, p=clouserw, p=potch


Welcome to Zamboni! This is the current version of, which rose from the ashes of Remora.

It's forged from (among other things) Django, Jinja2, elasticsearch, jQuery and a dash of love.

We have some good install docs if you want to try it out. We'd love your help! You can come talk to us on irc:// if you have questions.

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If you like what we've done, you may want to check out Mozilla's Playdoh. We took all the cool stuff we did in AMO, SUMO and our other websites, and created a base template for new websites.

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