List of sites with two factor auth support which includes SMS, email, phone calls, hardware, and software.
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A list of popular sites and whether or not they accept two factor auth.

The Goal

The goal is to build a website ( with a comprehensive list of sites that support Two Factor Authentication, as well as the methods that they provide.

Our hope is to aid consumers who are deciding between alternative services based on the security they offer for their customers. This can also serve as an indicator for the effort a site has put into security in general.


If you'd like to contribute, read the entire guidelines here in

Running Locally is built on Jekyll. In order to run Jekyll, it is necessary to install Ruby with RubyGems. Once Ruby and RubyGems are installed and available from the command line, TwoFactorAuth can be setup using the following commands.

gem install jekyll
cd ~/twofactorauth
jekyll serve

The TwoFactorAuth website should then be running on http://localhost:4000.


This code is distributed under the MIT license. For more info, read the LICENSE file distributed with the source code.