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What is TIPI?

TIPI is a storage, network, and device solution expansion for the TI-99/4A home computer and as of 2019-03-29 the Myarc Geneve 9640 Family Computer.


  • J-Data's combined TIPI/32K - specific info:
  • sideport model is available requiring a Jedimatt42 style 32k adapter, or something with equivalent header connector such as the sideport SAMS memory adapter
  • Peripheral Expansion Box board is available, called TipiPEB
  • Emulation support is available : Emulation Installation

Getting Started (Start Here!!!)

TipiPEB Installation

TIPI Sideport Installation

Info Links

Source code - Jump in! Or just browse to understand.

Atariage Support Thread

Atariage Development Thread

Where to buy

Buy assembled at ArcadeShopper

You must still provide your own Raspberry PI 3/3+ or Zero W, micro-sd card, and 2.5amp or greater power supply to the Raspberry PI.

To build it yourself

Requires a Xilinx CPLD programming cable, eprom programmer, a place to prinnt pcboards, and sourcing parts. The design files are in github under the hardware folder for the project. They are in KiCad format. You should install KiCad, so you can produce gerbers, and review the schematic and pcboard layout as well as the parts mapping for the BOM. I source most parts from DigiKey, Jameco, and ebay.

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