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Upload Jenkins build artifacts to Amazon S3
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Tested with Jenkins 1.563

  • Upload target/s3.hpi to your instance of Jenkins via ./pluginManager/advanced
  • Configure S3 profile: Manage Jenkins -> Configure System -> Amazon S3 profiles
  • Project -> Configure -> [x] Publish artifacts to S3 Bucket


Just run mvn.


When activated, traditional (Freestyle) Jenkins builds will have a build action called S3 Copy Artifact for downloading artifacts, and a post-build action called Publish Artifacts to S3 Bucket.

For Pipeline users, the same two actions are available via the s3CopyArtifact and s3Upload step. You can use the snippet generator to get started.

When using an Amazon S3 compatible storage system (OpenStack Swift, EMC Atmos...), the list of AWS regions can be overridden specifying a file classpath://com/amazonaws/partitions/override/endpoints.json matching the format defined in AWS SDK's endpoints.json.

A solution to add this endpoints.json file in the classpath of Jenkins is to use the java command line parameter -Xbootclasspath/a:/path/to/boot/classpath/folder/ and to locate com/amazonaws/partitions/override/endpoints.json in /path/to/boot/classpath/folder/.

Even if most of the features of the Jenkins S3 Plugin require the user to specify the target region, some feature rely on a default Amazon S3 region which is by default the "US Standard Amazon S3 Region" and its endpoint This default region can be overridden with the system property hudson.plugins.s3.DEFAULT_AMAZON_S3_REGION. Note that this default region name MUST match with a region define in the AWS SDK configuration file endpoints.json (see above).


  • Only the basename of source files is use as the object key name, an option to include the path name relative to the workspace should probably added.


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