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A HomeMatic CCU Addon implementing a xml request functionality as an interface to all homematic deviced available to a CCU device. This addon provides useful scripts that can be accessed via a HTTP request to a CCU device and allows to query and set all e.g. room- and devicetype names.

Supported CCU models


This addon can be added like a usual CCU addon package via the WebUI provided functionality by selecting "System-Konfiguration » Systemsteuerung » Zusatzsoftware", to upload the addon package as a tar.gz and the use »Installieren« to actually install the addon. After a restart of the CCU the xml-api interface can then be selected from the »Zusatzsoftware« tab in the CCU settings.


After installation the XML-API should be avilable via the following URL call:


where [CCU_IP] corresponds to the IP address or name of your CCU device and [ScriptName] being one of the following tool scripts:

ScriptName Description / Parameters
devicelist.cgi             Lists all devices with their channels. Contains name, serial number, device types and ids.
show_internal=1 (outputs all internal channels also)
functionlist.cgi           Lists all functions with their channels.    
favoritelist.cgi           Lists all favorites and users.
show_datapoint (outputs also attribute datapoint_id and datapoint_type)
mastervalue.cgi             Returns one or more (1234,5678) devices with their names and values of their master values.
device_id=1234 (returns all master values of device)
requested_name=TEMPERATURE_COMFORT,TEMPERATURE_LOWERING (returns only master values for specified names)
mastervaluechange.cgi       Sets one or more (TEMPERATURE_LOWERING,TEMPERATURE_COMFORT) master values of one or more (1234,5678) devices.
device_id=1234 (sets master values of device)
name=TEMPERATURE_LOWERING (sets specified master value only)
value=17.0,22.5 (sets master values to specified values)
programlist.cgi             Lists all programs.
programactions.cgi change the Programactions active and visible
Parameter: programactions.cgi?program_id=1234&active=true&visible=true
protocol.cgi               Returns the system protocol.
clear=1 (clears the system protocol)
runprogram.cgi             Starts the specified program.
program_id=1234 (id of program to start)
roomlist.cgi               Lists all rooms with their channels.
rssilist.cgi Lists all devices with their signal strength.
scripterrors.cgi           Searches the last 10 lines of /var/log/messages for homematic-script errors and output these.
state.cgi                   Returns for single or multiple devices (1234,5678) the channels and their values.
device_id=1234 (id of the device to return values)
channel_id=5678 (if of the channel to return values)
datapoint_id=12839 (id of data to return only Value())
statelist.cgi               Lists all devices with channels and current values.
ise_id (id of devices to list values for)
show_internal=1 (also return internal attribute state)
statechange.cgi             Changes one or more channel states.
ise_id=1234,5678 (id of the channels)
new_value=0.20 (new value for channel state)
systemNotification.cgi     Returns the current system notifications
systemNotificationClear.cgi Clears all current clearable system notifications.
sysvarlist.cgi             Lists all system variable with values.
text=true (return current value of system variable in attribute value_text)
sysvar.cgi                 Returns single system variable with values.
ise_id=1234 (id of system variable)
version.cgi Outputs version of XML-API

All of these scripts, if called, generate a xml structured output that can then be used by third-party applications to display or modify certain information. All of these scripts rely on a ise_id device or channel identifier that can be, e.g. used in the following way:


This call, if executed with the right ise_id and IP adress would then set a dimmer to 20%.




  • implemented mastervalue query + change which can also handle HmIP devices.
  • fixed version output


  • fixed incorrect use of .Variable() on alarm type system variables.


  • add programactions.cgi for activ and visible Programactions


  • fixed bug in sysvar.cgi if called without any argument (ise_id) resulting in a SyntaxError in ReGa.
  • fixed bug where calling runprogram.cgi with no argument or with an non-program program_id ended up in a ReGa Exec/ScriptRuntimeError.


  • fixed a bug where .Timestamp() was incorrectly used in protocol.cgi.


  • Support to query and set master values via mastervalue.cgi and mastervaluechange.cgi
  • Fixed systemNotification.cgi to not use .AlDestMapDP() incorrectly.


  • Workaround für Osram Lightify


  • Kompatibilität zu RaspberryMatic (HM-RASPBERRYMATIC) hergestellt.


  • Die XML-API kann jetzt als Addon/Zusatzsoftware über das WebUI installiert/deinstalliert werden
  • statechange.cgi - aendern eines oder mehrere Kanaele-Zustaende
  • sysvar.cgi - Anpassung wegen Variablen Name "Timer>>"


  • devicelist.cgi - operate und show_internal hinzugefügt


  • programlist.cgi - operate und visible hinzugefügt
  • statelist.cgi - channel visible, operate und operations hinzugefügt


  • statechange.cgi - encoden von Hexadezimalwerten
  • protocol.cgi - Timestamp hinzugefügt
  • state.cgi - einzelne Datenpunktausgabe (...) entfernt


  • state.cgi - Abfrage Abfrage von mehreren IDs hinzugefügt (z.Bsp.: state.cgi?device_id=12796,1245789 )
  • neues cgi systemNotification.cgi - Gibt die System Meldungen aus
  • neues cgi systemNotificationClear.cgi - Löcht die vorhandenen System Meldungen


  • Bugfix
  • Anpassung für CCU2


  • Datenpunktausgabe "value_name_0 und value_name_1" in sysvar.cgi und sysvarlist.cgi hinzugefügt


  • Datenpunktausgabe "unit" in state.cgi und statelist.cgi hinzugefügt
  • scripterrors.cgi - Sucht in den letzten 10 Zeilen von /var/log/messages nach Homematic-Script Fehlermeldungen


  • Ausgabe von version.cgi von 1.3 auf 1.2 zurück-geändert um Probleme mit Homedroid zu vermeiden
  • statechange.cgi - Anführungszeichen hinzugefügt damit auch Varialben vom Typ Zeichenkette gesetzt werden können


  • neues cgi scripterrors.cgi hinzugefügt. Gibt aus den letzten 10 Zeilen der /var/log/messages Homematic-Script Fehlermeldungen aus


  • Fehler in sysvarlist.cgi behoben, 3 Attribute haben gefehlt. (Danke Monty)


  • Datenpunktausgabe in favoritelist.cgi arbeitet nun wie erwartet (gleiches verhalten wie state.cgi, danke Monty).


  • exec.cgi (von hinzugefügt. Liefert zwar json und kein xml - passt aber thematisch imho trotzdem dazu
  • favoritelist.cgi - Parameter show_datapoint aktiviert Ausgabe der zugehörigen Datenpunkte bzw systemvariablen (übernommen aus statelist.cgi und sysvar.cgi). Paramter show_internal siehe statelist.cgi
  • statelist.cgi - Parameter show_internal=1 aktiviert nun die Ausgabe des Datenpunkt-Attributs state
  • info.html aktualisiert


  • version.cgi liefert nun 1.3 zurück
  • protocol.cgi hinzugefügt: Gibt das Systemprotokol zurück. Parameter: start, show, clear. clear=1 löscht das Protokoll


  • allow-origin Header hinzugefügt
  • info.html aktualisiert


  • sysvar.cgi hinzugefügt: Gibt eine einzelne Variable zurück. Liefert Wertelisten. Parameter: ise_id
  • sysvarlist.cgi: neuer Parameter text um die neuen Attribute value_list and value_text zu aktivieren (text=true)
  • cgi.tcl und once.tcl entfernt


  • jens-maus, Maik (Monty1979), Philipp (ultrah), hobbyquaker, dirch, Uwe (uwe111)
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