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Enables audio scrobbling to Last.FM as well as a metadata fetcher source.

This plug-in was migrated from the original Emby repository and has been adapted to function within the Jellyfin ecosystem. This plugin cannot be distributed with Jellyfin due to a missing compatible license. I will attempt to keep this repo up-to-date and in-sync as the Jellyfin project matures.

Repo Install

Jellyfin 10.6.0 introduces 3rd party plugin repositories (see: announcement), configure the following to follow stable builds for this plugin


.NET core 2.1 is required to build the LastFM plugin. To install the .NET SDK on Linux or macOS, see the download page at . Native package manager instructions can be found for Debian, RHEL, Ubuntu, Fedora, SLES, and CentOS.

Once the SDK is installed, run the following.

git clone
cd jellyfin-plugin-lastfm
dotnet build

Manual Install

If the build is successful, the tool will report the path to your Plugin dll (Jellyfin.Plugin.Lastfm/bin/Debug/netstandard2.1/Jellyfin.Plugin.Lastfm.dll)

The plugin should then be copied into your Jellyfin ${CONFIG_DIR}/plugins directory.

Running Jellyfin from Docker


docker run -d \
    --name jelly \
    --volume ${CONFIG_DIR}:/config \
    --volume ${MEDIA_DIR}:/media \
    --volume ${CACHE_DIR}:/cache \
    --publish 8096:8096 \
    --rm \