A "proof-of-concept" remake of the famous XPilot game, this time in a web browser near you
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Welcome to WPilot server. A proof-of-concept remake of the old classic game XPilot (http://www.xpilot.org/), this time in your web browser. The game uses
new fancy HTML5 features such as WebSocket and Canvas to make it possible.

Please visit project homepage for more details. http://jfd.github.com/wpilot/

Server requirements
You need Node.js in order to run the server. Download (or clone) Node.js at http://nodejs.org/

Quick start
You can start the game- and client server by typing:

For more more switched, start the server with the '-H' 

Special thanks to
Emanuel Dahlberg (http://github.com/EmanueI)
Linus Larsson (http://github.com/lahjnus)

See LICENSE for more info

Copyright (c) 2010 Johan Dahlberg