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JFrog Artifactory provides tight integration with Azure DevOps and TFS through the JFrog Artifactory Extension. Beyond managing efficient deployment of your artifacts to Artifactory, the extension lets you capture information about artifacts deployed, dependencies resolved, environment data associated with the build runs and more, that effectively facilitates fully traceable builds. See the full extension documentation at the Azure DevOps and TFS Artifactory Extension User Guide.

Download and Installation

The extension is available for installation on your Azure DevOps organization in the Azure DevOps Marketplace. To install the extension on TFS, see the install extensions for Team Foundation Server (TFS) documentation page.

Building and Testing the Sources


To build and run the extension sources, please follow these steps:

  1. Clone the code from git.
  2. To Build and create the JFrog Artifactory extension vsix file, run the following command.
    npm run create

After the build process is completed, you'll find the vsix file in the project directory. The vsix file can be loaded into Azure DevOps and TFS.


To run the tests, use the following commands:

  1. Set the ADO_ARTIFACTORY_URL, ADO_ARTIFACTORY_USERNAME and ADO_ARTIFACTORY_PASSWORD environment variables with your Artifactory URL, username and password:

    export ADO_ARTIFACTORY_URL='http://localhost:8081/artifactory'
    export ADO_ARTIFACTORY_PASSWORD=password
  2. Set the ADO_ARTIFACTORY_DOCKER_DOMAIN and ADO_ARTIFACTORY_DOCKER_REPO environment variables with your Artifactory Docker registry domain and Artifactory Docker repository name:

    export ADO_ARTIFACTORY_DOCKER_DOMAIN='localhost:8081/docker-local'
    export ADO_ARTIFACTORY_DOCKER_REPO=docker-local
  3. Run the following commands:

    npm i -g jfrog-cli-go
    npm t

Skipping Tests

In order to skip tests, set the ADO_ARTIFACTORY_SKIP_TESTS environment variable with the tests you wish to skip, separated by commas. The supported values are: maven, npm, go, nuget, conan and docker.

For example, for setting the nuget and docker tests:

export ADO_ARTIFACTORY_SKIP_TESTS=nuget,docker

Pull Requests

We welcome pull requests from the community!


  • Before creating your first pull request, please join our contributors community by signing JFrog's CLA.
  • Pull requests should be created on the dev branch.
  • Please make sure the code is covered by tests.

Release Notes

See the release notes here.

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