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statmemprof-emacs — Emacs client for statistical memory profiler


statmemprof-emacs is an Sturgeon/emacs front-end of the statmemprof statistical memory profiler for OCaml.

statmemprof-emacs is distributed under the MIT license.



statmemprof-emacs can be installed with opam, when one of the xxxx-statistical-memprof OCaml switches is installed. These switches are available on opam. Then you can use the following command:

opam install statmemprof-emacs

If you don't use opam consult the opam file for build instructions.


In the OCaml program you need to profile, you can start the profiling by executing the following instruction (see the documentation in statmenprof_emacs.mli for more details):

Statmemprof_emacs.start 1E-4 30 5

Then, in emacs, load the file sturgeon.el (coming with you Sturgeon installation), and type M-x sturgeon-connect.