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A friendly command line tool designed to help create sustainable software using web technology
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A friendly command line tool designed to help create sustainable software using web technology

It's like create-react-app, but with less complexity and more flexibility (tomo even has "out of the box" support for HMR using Webpack or Parcel)

It's like yeoman+generator, but with a bespoke interface written with the React API that focuses on User Experience (UX). tomo can also be used to progressively enhance existing projects!

It's like GatsbyJS, but can be used to make and enhance modules, libraries, plugins, apps, sites, servers, and more.

It's like mrm, but with mostly different options, built with a React-based UI, and focused more on code, less on config. Honestly, mrm is really cool... tomo and mrm could definitely be used together.

It's like boilerplate from GitHub, but with a streamlined interface designed to be user friendly (and all of the stuff above too)

(see the wiki for my full list of alternatives/inspirations)


$ npm install --global tomo-cli
$ tomo [command] [terms] [options]

No install

$ npx tomo-cli [command] [terms] [options]

Install and Deploy

tomo web apps work with and out of the box!

  1. Install tomo-cli
  2. Install surge or now CLI
  3. Scaffold a web app:
    tomo new app [options]
  4. Update deploy task in package.json (pick surge or now):
        "deploy": "surge dist"
        "deploy": "now dist"
  5. Excecute deploy script:
    npm run deploy

No Install and Deploy

Quickly see the results of tomo new server... live ... on Heroku



tomo wants to help you explore and exploit modern web technologies. With a strong focus on Developer Experience (DX), tomo will allow you to build new stuff and augment existing stuff. "No FOMO with tomo!"™

Create a new app with Marionette.js and Webpack

Create a new app using React and Parcel (with blazing fast HMR)

Add ESLint to your project

Select what you want to add via the tomo CLI "add" menu

Replace Webpack with Rollup

Made a mistake while typing? tomo has your back ;)

Read the help! So exciting!

$ tomo --help


    tomo [commands] [terms] [options]


    new, add, remove, version


    project, app, server

    a11y, babel, browsersync, cypress, electron, esdoc, eslint, jest,
    marionette, makefile, parcel, postcss, react, reason, rollup, webpack

    a11y, browsersync, cypress, parcel, postcss, reason, rollup, webpack


    --version, -v           Print version
    --source-directory, -d  Directory for source code [Default: ./src]
    --output-directory, -o  Directory for build targets [Default: ./dist]
    --assets-directory, -a  Directory for assets [Default: ./assets]
    --use-rollup,           Use Rollup instead of Webpack [Default: false]
    --use-parcel,           Use Parcel instead of Webpack [Default: false]
    --use-react, -r         Add React support to workflow [Default: false]
    --react-version         React version for ESLint configuration [Default: '16.8']
    --with-cesium           Add CesiumJS to your project [Default: false]
    --ignore-warnings, -i   Ignore warning messages [Default: false]
    --skip-install, -s      Skip npm installations [Default: false]
    --overwrite             Copy files, even if they alrady exist [Default: false]
    --browser               Indicate tasks are intended for the browser [Default: false]
    --port, -p              Configure port for workflow tasks that use it [Default: 4669]
    --debug                 Show debug data [Default: false]


tomo means "friend" in Japanese (友)


MIT © Jason Wohlgemuth

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