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This repo contains the source code of the TP-Transformer model (TPT-d) described in the following paper

  • "Enriching Transformers with Structured Tensor-Product Representations for Abstractive Summarization" in Proceedings of NAACL-HLT, 2021. (paper).

The basic code structure was adapted from the HuggingFace Transformers.

0. Preparation

0.1 Dependencies

  • PyTorch 1.4.0/1.6.0/1.8.0
  • See requirements.txt.

0.2 Data

  • Download and preprocess the XSum dataset and put it under the data folder, which should a structure like this:
--- TPT-Summ
------ data
--------- xsum
------------ train.source
------------ val.source
------------ test.source
  • Other dataset should follow the same structure.

1. Training a TP-Transformer on XSum Dataset

  • Every experiment has a unique id run_id, which should be consistent throughout training and evaluation. The default run_id in ./train_scripts/ is 00.
  • Train a TP-Transformer on XSum dataset by running the training script.
  • The Tensorboard log files are saved in out/xsum/[RUN_ID]/log.
  • During the training, we calculate the dev-set ROUGE scores after every epoch and log them in the Tensorboard logs. The ROUGE scores are calculated using, which is a simplified version of the official ROUGE package. Therefore, the scores here are lower than those reported in the paper. We will explain how to get the official ROUGE scores in the next section.

2. Generating Summaries

  • Update the identifiers and parameters in eval_scripts/
    • Update the run_id to match the model you want to evaluate (defalut is 00).
    • Update evaluate_epoch. The default value is 30, which is where we got our best model.
    • Update num_beams to choose between beam search and greedy search. Default is greedy search (seed=1).
  • Decode the TP-Transformer on XSum validation set:

3. Compute the ROUGE scores

  • Install the Files2ROUGE package in order to calculate the ROUGE scores of generated summaries.
  • Obtain the ROUGE scores of the generated summaries for the model run_id=00:
files2rouge data/xsum/ out/xsum/00/xsum/epoch=30_beam=1_generated_summaries.txt


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