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Improvisational Powerpoint, or Speech-To-Pictogram

Uses Web Speech Recognition API to create a generated-on-the-fly presentation. Talk about whatever you want, and the presentation will follow you!

A demo for Hack and Tell DC, August 2017

Live Demo

Requires desktop Chrome. If you decide to try it for realsies, make sure you're close to the mic (a lavalier microphone works best) and speak clearly and not too fast.


It's simple HTML/JavaScript, nothing fancy. Dependencies are pulled from CDNs for ease of use; the NLP is installed via npm or yarn but only to keep it up to date, there's no node involved otherwise.

This must be run on a SSL-enabled web server (e.g., using HTTPS and not directly from a file); those are Chrome's restrictions.

Unpack to the desired directory, then npm install to load the dependencies.


This was a one-off prototype and isn't under active development. Still, it would be neat to:

  • Build it out as a plug-in for reveal.js
  • Talk with accessibility specialists; could something like this be a good-enough solution for deaf audience members when a real interpreter isn't possible? (Talking about the transcription here, not the silly background images.)
  • Include credits/links to original Flickr contributors for the generated background images
  • SpeechRecognition API occasionally hangs/craps out and it's not clear why


JavaScript cribbed heavily from Google's transcription demo with inspiration from the delightfully named Annyang.


Create presentation slides on the fly, based on SpeechRecognitionAPI



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