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Latency Tracking

Latency Tracking repository works in accordance with scripts/latency-tracking from Jina Core. It benchmarks the following items over the history of releases:

  • import jina time
  • Index Speed
  • Query Speed
  • Average Flow Time
  • DocumentArrayMemmap Extend Time

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Blog post: Benchmark a Decentralized Search System on 79 Past Releases

Track Latency

Prepare Environment

This repo can't produce benchmark results independently as it works in accordance with scripts/latency-tracking from Jina Core. So, let's prepare the envrionment at first.

git clone
cd jina
git clone latency

Run single version

# give the version to benchmark

# benchmark it!
rm -f .dockerignore
docker build --build-arg JINA_VER=$JINA_VER -f latency/Dockerfile -t latency-tracking .
docker run -v $(pwd)/output:/app/output -v $(pwd)/latency/original:/app/original latency-tracking

Run last n versions

Require jq to be installed.

bash latency/ 5

This will run the last 5 versions in reverse order, i.e. last release first.