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Youtube Video

Sphero's BB8 droid The droid you've been looking for.

Now even better with a python API library!

Use "sudo hcitool lescan" to find BB8's MAC address input it at "deviceAddress =" (line 244) in the Sphero class in


Included Scripts:

** A simple program that connects to BB8 and flashes the internal RGB LED red to green to blue. You can take it a step further and add bb8.roll commands to make him move using the API. requires PyGame library

Allow you to drive BB8 with a joystick/gamepad. Shows on screen feedback of analog stick as well as speed and heading Currently setup for a Xbox 360 controller.

  • Left analog stick controls BB8's movement, much the like app!
  • Holding the Left trigger stops BB8.
  • Tapping the Left bumper changes BB8's heading - used to calibration.
  • Holding the Right bumper turns on BB8's blue 'tail light' to aid in calibration.

Adapted the sphero driver library from:

Used the bluetooth 'stuff' from:

TODO: Tie in the btle handleNotifcations to Sphero response API

  • getting sensor info, command responses, etc. back from BB8


A library for use with Sphero's BB8 droid.



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