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get_iplayer doesn't support akamai video streams for live channels #5

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As noted in jjl/get_iplayer#4 it seems get_iplayer doesn't currently support video/mp4 streams served via over rtmp from akamai hosts.

Currently BBC One is using these to serve live coverage of their World Cup footage.

$ curl

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- bbc_one_london.html r13490 -->
<playlist xmlns="" revision="1">
    <plugin name="iPlayerLiveStats"/>
    <plugin name="spacesReporting"/>
    <link rel="alternate" href=""/>
    <title>BBC One</title>
    <link rel="holding" href="" width="640" height="360" type="image/jpeg"/>
    <item kind="programme" live="true" simulcast="true" identifier="bbc_one_london" group="bbc_one_london">
      <service id="bbc_one_london" href="">BBC One London</service>
      <masterbrand id="bbc_one" href="">BBC One</masterbrand>
      <media kind="video" width="688" height="386" bitrate="1500" type="video/mp4" encoding="h264">
        <connection kind="akamai" application="live" identifier="bbc1_inlet_1500@s13633" server="" tokenIssuer="akamaiUk" />
      <media kind="video" width="640" height="360" bitrate="800" type="video/mp4" encoding="h264">
        <connection kind="akamai" application="live" identifier="bbc1_inlet_800@s13632" server="" tokenIssuer="akamaiUk" />
      <media kind="video" width="640" height="360" bitrate="480" type="video/mp4" encoding="h264">
        <connection kind="akamai" application="live" identifier="bbc1_inlet_500@s13631" server="" tokenIssuer="akamaiUk" />

It would be nice if we could work out what else is needed to support these. I've tried commenting out the skip and using latest rtmpdump, but without success thus far.


Please grab the latest version from where this is currently being maintained. I've submitted the patch the the mailing list for it (details on the github wiki for this project)

This issue was closed.
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