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Im no longer jailbroken, and I will no longer maintain this. If some one wants to take it over, hit me up.

Why was this made

Previously when a new jailbreak was released, the community manages a large google spreadsheet. The old process is super time consuming and tedious to cross reference against your device.

What does it do

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

In the spirit of open source and to give back, I spent some time writing this tweak for Cydia that adds a section with compatibility results into the package details page.

Users can also go to the frontend website @ to view user submissions.


In order to submit whether a tweak works with an iOS version, you need to submit a review via Cydia. If you click the Working button at the bottom of the package details page, you will be redirected to github issues with a pre-populated issue created. A github account is required to submit reviews.

Every hour, I pull any open issues, update docs/tweaks.json, and close the ticket. This is done by cron.


This repo also contains a nodejs script, tools\index.js, that pulls open issues from github and updates the tweaks.json file. Just run npm install, then npm start. If changes were found, commits will be made, then just git push to remote.

To use the script, the env variable GITHUB_API_TOKEN must be set.

Also, npm run rebuild will wipe out all packages and recreate them from the closed issues in the repo.


I wanted to make this automated, community driven, with minimal human dependencies. Here is how the statuses are calculated:

  • Working: if 75% of the users say it's working.
  • Likely working: if 40% of the users say it's working.
  • Not working: if < 40% say it's working


This tweak can be installed with Cydia via my personal repo or the big boss repo, or via the releases page on github. To package a final release, run make package FINALPACKAGE=1


  • Add request feature
  • Add more moderation tools
    • block package
    • block user
    • block cydia repo


Licensed under Apache License, version 2.0.