A curated list of awesome Operational research solvers, libraries, books, teachers and resources
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Awesome Operational Research Awesome

A curated list of awesome Operational research solvers, libraries, books, teachers and resources

Inspired by awesome-go.


Open-source and comercial solvers

  • Cbc - An open-source mixed integer programming solver written in C++.
  • Clp - An open-source linear programming solver written in C++.
  • GLPK - Package is intended for solving large-scale linear programming (LP), mixed integer programming (MIP), and other related problems.
  • lp_solve - A Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) solver.
  • QSopt - Linear Programming Solver.
  • SCIP - Solving Constraint Integer Programs.
  • CPLEX - Mathematical programming solver for linear programming, mixed integer programming, and quadratic programming.
  • Gurobi - Mathematical programming solver.
  • LocalSolver - Hybrid mathematical programming solver.
  • Mosek - Interior-point optimizer for continous linear, quadratic and conic problems..
  • Xpress - Linear and convex quadratic optimization in continuous and integer variables.


Many books about Operational research



Groups about Operational Research

  • LaPO, UFMG, Brazil
  • LOSI, Université de Technologie de Troyes, France
  • Matheon, Berlin, Germany
  • NEO, Universidad de Malaga, Spain
  • RUTCOR, Rutgers University, United States
  • ORBrescia, Università di Brescia, Italy
  • ORC, MIT, United States
  • OR@Unibo, Università di Bologna, Italy


Learning Resources

Code Examples and Libraries

O.R. Organisations

  • EURO, the Association of European Operational Research Societies
  • EUROYoung, a group of young EURO researchers organising free events for other young researchers
  • AIRO, the Italian O.R. Society
  • AIROYoung, the Youth Chapter of AIRO, organising a yearly free workshop and PhD school
  • MTL-Students, student chapters for O.R. students in Montreal, Canada
  • The Operational Research Society, United Kingdom
  • ROADEF, the French O.R. Society
  • DORS, the Danish O.R. Society