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from typing import Tuple, NamedTuple, Union, List
import random
import dataclasses
import streamlit as st
from gamestate import persistent_game_state
DIGITS = ['0', '1', '2', '3', '4', '5']
K = 4
class Guess(NamedTuple):
guess: str
red: int
white: int
def show(self):
st.write(f"{self.guess}, White {self.white}, Red {}")
class GameState:
secret_code: str
game_number: int = 0
previous_guesses: Tuple[Guess, ...] = ()
game_over: bool = False
state = persistent_game_state(initial_state=GameState(''.join(random.choices(DIGITS, k=4))))
st.write("""MASTER MIND""")
st.write(f"I, the computer, will choose a secret {K}-digit number "
"with all digits between 0 and 5. It is your job to "
"guess the number. Each time you guess I will tell you a "
"'white' score and a 'red' score. The 'white' score is the "
"number of digits that are both in the number and in the correct position. "
"The 'red' score is the number of digits that are in the number but are in "
"the wrong position.")
st.write("For example, if my secret number were 1234, and you guessed 1442, "
"you would get one 'white' (for the '1', which is in the correct place) "
"and two 'red' (for the '2' and one of the '4's, which are correct but "
"in the wrong place.")
if st.button("NEW GAME"):
state.secret_code = ''.join(random.choices(DIGITS, k=4))
state.game_number += 1
state.previous_guesses = ()
state.game_over = False
# Don't use Union types!
def parse_guess(guess: str) -> Union[str, List[str]]:
if not all('0' <= c <= '5' for c in guess):
return "I said **digits between 0 and 5**"
if len(guess) != K:
return f"I said **{K}** digits!"
return list(guess)
if not state.game_over:
raw_guess = st.text_input(f"please guess a {K} digit number, digits 0 to 5: ", key=state.game_number)
guess = parse_guess(raw_guess) if raw_guess else ''
if not guess and not state.previous_guesses:
elif isinstance(guess, str):
white = 0 # correct color + correct location
red = 0 # correct color + wrong location
for i in range(K):
if guess[i] == state.secret_code[i]:
white += 1
guess[i] = -1 # sentinel for "already counted as white"
for i in range(K):
if guess[i] == -1:
idx = guess.index(state.secret_code[i])
red += 1
guess[idx] = -2 # sentinel for "already counted as red"
except ValueError:
state.previous_guesses += (Guess(raw_guess, red, white),)
if white == K:
state.game_over = True
st.markdown("YOU GOT IT!")
st.markdown(f"it only took you {len(state.previous_guesses)} guesses")
for previous_guess in reversed(state.previous_guesses):