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With shiny extensions, if you have ever written something like this, then look no further:

final DateTime fourHoursFromNow = + Duration(hours: 4);

🎖 Installation

  time: "^2.1.0"


import 'package:time/time.dart';

🎮 Usage

final Duration tenMinutes = 10.minutes;
final Duration oneHourThirtyMinutes = 1.5.hours;
final DateTime afterTenMinutes = + 10.minutes;
final Duration tenMinutesAndSome = 10.minutes + 15.seconds;
final int tenMinutesInSeconds = 10.minutes.inSeconds;
final DateTime tenMinutesFromNow = 10.minutes.fromNow;

You can perform all basic arithmetic operations on Duration as you always have been:

final Duration interval = 10.minutes + 15.seconds - 3.minutes + 2.hours;
final Duration doubled = interval * 2;

You can also use these operations on DateTime:

final DateTime oneHourAfter = DateTime() + 1.hours;

Duration is easily convertible as it always has been:

final int twoMinutesInSeconds = 2.minutes.inSeconds;

You can also convert Duration to DateTime, if needed:

final DateTime timeInFuture = 5.minutes.fromNow;
final DateTime timeInPast = 5.minutes.ago;

Iterate through a DateTime range:

final DateTime start = DateTime(2019, 12, 2);
final DateTime end = start + 1.weeks;
final DateTime tuesday = => date.weekday == DateTime.tuesday);

Granular comparison between DateTime fields:

final DateTime specificDate = DateTime(2021, 01, 01);
final DateTime otherDate = DateTime(2021, 02, 01);

print(specificDate.isAtSameYearAs(otherDate)); // true
print(specificDate.isAtSameMonthAs(otherDate)); // false
print(specificDate.isAtSameDayAs(otherDate)); // false

You can also delay code execution:

void doSomething() async {
  await 5.seconds.delay;
  // Do the other things

You can also use the popular copyWith:

final initial = DateTime(2019, 2, 4, 24, 50, 45, 1, 1);
final expected = initial.copyWith(
  year: 2021,
  month: 10,
  day: 28,
  hour: 12,
  minute: 45,
  second: 10,
  millisecond: 0,
  microsecond: 12,

🐛 Bugs/Requests

If you encounter any problems feel free to open an issue. If you feel the library is missing a feature, please raise a ticket on Github and I'll look into it. Pull request are also welcome.

👏 Inspiration

  • Swift library of the same name - Time.
  • Kotlin library of the same name - Time.


MIT License