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LyricsGenius - a Python client for the API

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This repository is intended to provide an easy interface for programatically accessing the song information stored on Check out my blog post for a more thorough description of the package and its usage.

To use the Genius API you'll need to sign up for a (free) client that authorizes you to access their API. You'll need to supply your client_access_token from Genius when using this module. See Usage below for an example.


LyricsGenius requires Python 3.

Install the package via PyPI using pip:

pip install lyricsgenius

Or, install the latest version from GitHub:

pip install git+


Import the package and search for songs by a given artist:

import lyricsgenius as genius
api = genius.Genius("my_client_access_token_here")
artist = api.search_artist("Andy Shauf", max_songs=3)

Search for a single song by the same artist:

song = api.search_song("To You",

Add the song to the artist object:


Save the artist's songs to a JSON file:


You can also call the package from the command line:

export GENIUS_CLIENT_ACCESS_TOKEN="my_client_access_token_here"
python3 -m lyricsgenius --help

Search for and save lyrics to a given song:

python3 -m lyricsgenius song "Begin Again" "Andy Shauf" --save

Search for five songs by 'The Beatles' and save the lyrics:

python3 -m lyricsgenius artist "The Beatles" --max-songs 5 --save

Example projects

I'd love to have more examples to list here! Let me know if you've made use of this wrapper for one of your own projects, and I'll list it here.


Please contribute! If you want to fix a bug, suggest improvements, or add new features to the project, just open an issue or send me a pull request.