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Library for automation of deployments through SSH.
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Framework for remote execution on Posix systems.

Important key features are:

  • Powerful interactive command line with autocompletion;
  • Interactive and fast parallel execution;
  • Reusability of your code (through inheritance);
  • Normally using SSH for remote execution, but pluggable for other execution methods.

It's more powerful than Fabric, but different from Saltstack. It's not meant to replace anything, it's another tool for your toolbox.

Documentation and tutorial

Documentation on readthedocs:


  • Jonathan Slenders (VikingCo, Mobile Vikings)
  • Jan Fabry (VikingCo, Mobile Vikings)


During the summer of 2011, when I was unsatisfied with some of the capabilities of Fabric, I (Jonathan) started the development of a new, interactive deployment system from scratch. The first successful deployments (of a Django project) were done only a few months later, but since then, all the code has been refactored quite a few times.

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