An AI player for the board game Hive.
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Mzinga Setup


Mzinga is an open-source AI to play the board game Hive. It is architected similar to various chess-playing AIs, consisting of:

  • A set of standardized commands similar to the Universal Chess Interface
  • An command-line reference engine, which accepts the standardized commands
  • A general board UI which can interface with any engine that implements the standardized commands

The goal is not to simply implement Hive in code, but to establish a standard way for programmers to create their own AI players. The hope is that this will encourage explorations around Hive AI.


Mzinga is developed in C# for .NET 4.5.


Mzinga.Core implements all of the rules of the core Hive game (no expansion pieces), and in that respect it is complete. It also contains the game AI, though playable, is not very strong.

Expansion pieces will be added eventually, but most future investment in Mzinga.Core will be to improve the game AI.


Mzinga.Engine is a command-line interface which can read input commands, send them to Mzinga.Core and output the results. Through it you can actually play a game of Hive. It's very thin (all of the real logic is in Mzinga.Core) and is therefore complete.


Mzinga.Viewer provides a GUI with which to interface with Mzinga.Engine. Currently it provides a graphically rendered gameboard and allows users to play games with Mzinga.Engine.

Future investment includes continuing to expose Mzinga.Engine functionality and improving the usability for players.

Other Components


Mzinga.CoreTest contains unit tests for Mzinga.Core.

Future investment includes increasing code coverage with more tests.


Mzinga.Trainer is a command-line utility with the goal to improve Mzinga's AI. Through it you can generate randomized AI profiles and execute AI vs. AI battles.


Mzinga Copyright © 2015, 2016 Jon Thysell.

Hive Copyright © 2010 Gen42 Games. Mzinga is in no way associated with or endorsed by Gen42 Games. To learn more about Hive, see