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MIBE (Machine Image Build Environment)

MIBE is a build environment for SmartOS images ise by the Image Team, but it's not an officially supported solution.



  • mi_home/bin - Holds scripts to handle repository operations and build images.

    • bin/repo_cloneall - Clones latest Joyent Machine Image repositories into mi_home/repos.
    • bin/repo_pullall - Pulls latest Joyent Machine Image repositories into mi_home/repos.
    • bin/repo_init - Initializes a new Machine Image repository and populates standard build files.
    • bin/build_smartos - Image builder for SmartOS images.
  • mi_home/etc - Where configuration files for repositories are kept.

    • etc/repos.conf - Git server repository configuration on where to get Machine Image repos from.
    • etc/repos.list - Git repository list of Joyent Machine Image repositories. This is updated as more images are made public.
  • mi_home/lib - Includes directory for mibe.

  • mi_home/images - Final image dumps are stored here.

  • mi_home/logs - Logging directory for image builds.

  • mi_home/repos - Build repositories.


Clone the mibe repository in /opt (or wherever has space to store image files):

# cd /opt
# git clone
# export PATH=$PATH:/opt/mibe/bin

Run repo_cloneall to grab the updated Joyent Machine Image build repositories. They will be pulled down into mibe_home/repos.

# repo_cloneall

Create a VM (SmartOS) for building images:

# cat <<EOF > mibezone1.json
  "brand": "joyent",
  "image_uuid": "9eac5c0c-a941-11e2-a7dc-57a6b041988f",
  "alias": "mibezone1",
  "hostname": "mibezone1",
  "max_physical_memory": 512,
  "quota": 20,
  "nics": [
      "nic_tag": "admin",
      "ip": "dhcp",
      "primary": "true"

Run vmadm create to create it:

# vmadm create -f mibezone1.json

To build an example image we specify the base image, the vm to use (uuid of mibezone1), and the repository build files:

# cd /opt/mibe/repos
# build_smartos base64-13.2.1 629be403-f1e6-4c54-a4fc-dad4c4f25658 mi-example

build_smartos - version 1.0.0
Image builder for SmartOS images

* Sanity checking build files and environment..                       OK.
* Halting build zone (629be403-f1e6-4c54)..                           OK.
* Configuring build zone (629be403-f1e6-4c54) to be imaged..          OK.
* Booting build zone (629be403-f1e6-4c54)..                           OK.
* Copying in mi-example/copy files..                                  OK.
* Creating image motd and product file..                              OK.
* Installing packages list..                                          OK.
* Executing the customize file..                                      OK.
* Halting build zone (629be403-f1e6-4c54)..                           OK.
* Un-configuring build zone (629be403-f1e6-4c54)..                    OK.
* Creating image file and manifest..                                  OK.

Image:    /home/mibe/images/example-1.0.0.zfs.gz
Manifest: /home/mibe/images/example-1.0.0.dsmanifest

The built image will be stored at mi_home/images/example-1.0.0.*