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A simple active/active Azure Service Bus example using Cosmos as a reliable journal
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Active replication example for Azure Service Bus using Cosmos DB as a journal

An example of one way to maintain consistency + availability of Azure Service Bus across regions using an out-of-band processing journal

  • Send availability via sending the same messages to n queues
  • Receive availability by logging work items in Cosmos DB (in strong consistency mode) to prevent processors from re-processing messages



  • Senders are using Service Bus Sessions to group and linearize messages
  • Cosmos DB is using the Document API, mostly because there is no Cosmos Table API SDK for .net core yet - Tables would probably be a better use here than documents
  • Cosmos DB is in strong consistency mode


  • Switch from Session + Message journaling to just sessions, to prevent a race where messages are potentially processed out of order within the same session (E.g., Session A, message 1 gets picked up, the session in region A is locked, but the session in region B is not; the message is locked because we've logged the work item, but not message 2)
  • better docs
  • clean-up and refactor to be more flexible with events

To use this sample, you'll need

  • n Service Bus Queues
  • A Cosmos DB account, with a document collection
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