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  1. X is broken, can you fix it?!

    Probably… please create a Bug Report on the repo for me to look at it.

  2. Can you add X to PADD?

    Maybe… please create a Feature Request on the repo for me to look at it.

  3. I think I fixed X. Can I add it to PADD?

    Sure… make a new Pull Request and I’ll take a look.

  4. What screens are supported?

    PADD has only been “officially” tested on a 3.5" PiTFT display. It also works on any terminal emulator (, iTerm, PuTTY, etc.). It has also been in use by other users on several other third-party displays.

  5. What version of Pi-hole is supported?

    Generally speaking, the latest version of Pi-hole at the time the a new version of PADD is released. However, if there is an update to Pi-hole, there is a small chance that PADD may break.

    • I’m on the beta version of Pi-hole and the display is messed up. Will there be support for the development branch of Pi-hole?

      No. My Pi-hole, and by extension my PADD, runs in my house with the following goals:

      • don’t screw up the internet for for my work-from-home/VPN setup, and
      • don’t screw up the internet.

      For those reasons, PADD will only ever support the latest stable release of Pi-hole.

  6. What does PADD mean?

    Personal Access Display Device… also “Pi-hole Ad Detection Display”…

    • “Pi-hole Ad Detection Display”? Does that mean you're part of the Pi-hole team?

      Nope, PADD is a third-party application that isn’t affiliated with the official Pi-hole project.

  7. Who are you? How can I get a hold of you?

    Jim Yes, my name is Jim.

    You can send me a message on Reddit or send me an email at jim at jpmck dot com.

    (Note: If you’re experiencing a problem with PADD or would like a feature added, please just create a new issue on the repo!)

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