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A/B testing for your Flask application.
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jpvanhal Merge pull request #9 from cclauss/patch-1
.travis.yml: The 'sudo' tag is now deprecated in Travis CI
Latest commit 2a1847a May 2, 2019
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docs Fix usage of deprecated flask.ext namespace Oct 14, 2018
flask_split Switch from HTTP for loading JQuery from google to // (HTTP/HTTPS) Oct 14, 2018
tests Fix response data assertion in tests in Python 3 Oct 14, 2018
.gitignore Added tox.ini Jun 3, 2012
.gitmodules python 2.5 support Mar 10, 2012
.travis.yml .travis.yml: The 'sudo' tag is now deprecated in Travis CI May 2, 2019
CHANGES.rst Remove Sphinx-specific tags from changelog Oct 14, 2018
LICENSE Update copyright year Jul 23, 2015 Updated manifest Mar 15, 2012
README.rst Convert readthedocs links for their .org -> .io migration for hosted … Jun 16, 2016
dev_requirements.txt test requirements Mar 10, 2012
tox.ini Add Python 3.7 to Travis and Tox builds Oct 14, 2018


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