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This .editorconfig file defines the indentation style used in all JavaScript files under src/ and also for the Makefile. Request related to jquery/jquery-ui#606.

I did not add definitions for HTML, JS, or CSS files in the build/ speed/, or test/ directories because the indentation styles were not consistent enough for me to judge how they should be defined.

Below I noted some of the nuances of the indentation styles in the build/ and speed/ directories. The test/ directory also suffers from mixed indentation styles (sometimes in the same file).



  • build/sizer.js
  • build/release.js
  • build/release-notes.js
  • build/compile.js
  • build/jshint-check.js
  • build/freq.js
  • build/release-notes.txt

4 spaces:

  • build/lib/jshint.js

8 spaces with 4 spaces for half indentation:

  • build/uglify.js (except for line 7 which uses a 4 column width tabstop)
  • build/lib/parse-js.js
  • build/lib/process.js
  • build/lib/squeeze-more.js



  • speed/css.html
  • speed/event.html
  • speed/slice.vs.concat.html
  • speed/jquery-basis.js (spaces mixed in on line 711)

primarily 2 spaces (with 2 column width tabstops mixed in occasionally):

  • speed/closest.html
  • speed/filter.html
  • speed/find.html
  • speed/index.html
  • speed/benchmarker.js
  • speed/benchmark.js

no idea (heavily mixed spacing and tabbing style)

  • speed/benchmarker.css

If maintaining consistent indentation for the files in these directories is desirable, I suggest that each file's indentation style should be made self-consistent first.

For example something like this may be appropriate for build/:

indent_style = tab

indent_style = space
indent_size = 4

indent_style = space
indent_size = 4

This should wait until after we've phased out the existing build system.


@treyhunner, thanks for this pull request. I thought our files were pretty consistent, didn't realize how much variation there was across everything. Once we get the new build system in place we'll be nearly all JavaScript and can apply the core style guidelines consistently across everything. EditorConfig will help us do that for sure.


@dmethvin I also learned of these inconsistencies while building the grunt system - I think it was simply a result of their ad-hoc nature, which we also leave behind


No problem. If you post back to this request or PM me when the new build system is in place I can update the pull request.


@treyhunner Awesome, thanks!


@treyhunner I think we're ready for your lovin' touch on this. Or at least we're close enough for a first pass. I've created a ticket to track this so it will be in the release notes:


@dmethvin It looks better than before. I updated the .editorconfig file with some explicit rules for specific files and groups of files. The test/ directory is still a somewhat inconsistent, and some other files have some minor issues as well. I will be submitting a few indentation corrections soon in a separate pull request.


All build/*.js files use tabs for indentation except for build/uglify.js which uses 8 spaces for indentation with the exception of some deeply nested code.


The following build/lib functions use 8 spaces for indentation overal, build/lib/parse-js.js, build/lib/process.js, build/lib/squeeze-more.js.

The exceptions to the 8 space indentation used in those files include:

The file build/lib/jshint.js uses 4 spaces for indentation


It looks like the .html and .php files in test/ use tabs for indentation, but many of them use occasional spaces for indentation. The JavaScript files use tabs for indentation with occasional spaces mixed in as well. The .xml files use tabs consistently and the single .css file uses 8 spaces.


The test/unit/core.js files all use tabs for indentation except for test/unit/core.js and test/unit/ajax.js which use mostly tabs but have mixed tab/space indentation mixed in as well.


The build/* dir is going away.


@rwldrn updated pull request to remove build/ from .editorconfig.

@dmethvin dmethvin closed this in c4df0c9 May 18, 2012

There are still some tweaks that should be done here, but I figured it would be easier to spot and fix them once the file landed in master. Thanks @treyhunner!

@markelog markelog pushed a commit to markelog/jquery that referenced this pull request Jun 29, 2012
@treyhunner @dmethvin treyhunner + dmethvin Fix #11777. Add EditorConfig support, closes gh-715. 983a34b
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