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Ravenports User's Guide


Ravenports is a new approach to building and packaging software on Unix-like platforms. The significant benefits over other package systems are present for binary package users, binary package builders, and ports developers. The detailed description of each benefit (which would be exhausting to list) are out of scope of this document. The intended audience consist of people that have already decided to try to use Ravenports.

There are three basic components to the Ravenports system: The ravenadm administration tool, the conspiracy collection of buildsheets (also referred to as "Ravenports"), and the ravensource repository. The latter is only of interest to ports developers, and it is used to generate Ravenports.

Once installed, the ravenadm tool can quickly install the latest conspiracy collection of buildsheets, so this program is the main point of interest for new users.

Table of Contents

  1. Quickstart guide for DragonFly testers
  2. Quickstart guide for Linux testers
  3. Quickstart guide for FreeBSD testers
  4. Quickstart guide for Solaris/Illumos testors
  5. Standard command descriptions
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