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Digital-Scratch, a vinyl turntable emulation software for DJ

Digital-Scratch is a free software for DJs. It analyzes motions (rotation speed and direction) of a vinyl disc played by a turntable. It also provides a nice and simple player that plays digital tracks allowing you to mix as you would do it with regular records.

In other words: with Digital-Scratch you can mix your music tracks collection with regular vinyl turntables.

More informations at http://www.digital-scratch.org.


Linux Windows DJ FAQ
Ubuntu Debian


To discuss and ask questions about Digital-Scratch, please subscribe to the mailing list digitalscratch@googlegroups.com (to do that, send an email with whatever content to digitalscratch+subscribe@googlegroups.com and confirm your subscription).

Web interface and discussion archive are here: https://groups.google.com/d/forum/digitalscratch


If you find a bug or would like a nice feature, please discuss about it on the mailing first. Then add an entry on the issue management board.