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@julesontheroad julesontheroad released this Dec 1, 2019 · 21 commits to master since this release

v0.96d - Bugfixes and pararell compression:

- Fixed keygeneration missmatch in nxdumptool tickets with elicense flag

- Fixed xci compressor for xci with tickets and titlekey starting by 0

- Fixed bug where ticket gets appended more than once in a multi-file with tickets

- Added json integrity check when updating nutdb. The update will take a little longer but the current json will be protected if the one in the repository is corrupted.

- Fixed issue where pykashi adds spaces when processing accented characters.

- Improved selector to list function.

- Added pararell compression as alternative to threads. Pararell compression compresses several files at the same time with a smaller cpu footprint.

In tests i managed to compress 20 files at the same time while keeping a 2-3Mb\s speed ratio per file with level 22 compression. This will depend on your computer or server.

Note: Current implementation has this issues:

1.- It compresses in batches so when one instance finishes it's place isn't taken by another file.
2.- It uses subprocesses. tqdm prints become a little wonky with subprocesses and ghost bars can appear out of position, specially with a high number of processes. To handle this the screen gets cleaned in 3second intervals and bar positions get preallocated. This reduces the wonkyness.
3- The wonkyness is just visual, it doesn't affect the correct processing of the files

Possible improvements to study:

I.- Separate filelist equally between instances so when one instance finishes processing a file another takes it's place.
II.- Let one thread update the progress bars exchanging the progress information between threads

For performance a function that arranges files by size has been added. That ensures files with similar sizes will be group on the same batch when possible

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