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@julesontheroad julesontheroad released this Apr 14, 2019 · 2 commits to Beta since this release


Corrected error in Stable batch that would prompt in individual mode twhen patching a file to a lower keygeneration.
NOTE: Beta is recommended for users that don't need fat32 splitting. Stable can be considered as a legacy version.

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@julesontheroad julesontheroad released this Apr 12, 2019 · 3 commits to Beta since this release


- Added direct generation without nca extracting for multi pack processing (mode 2)
- Added name calculation for multi pack processing (mode 2)
- Added content calculation for for multi pack processing (This replaces update mode in a better and more efective way)
- Temporarly removed option to fix logo in multi-xci files
- Added option to generate multi-nsp including tickets without nca modification. This files will pass blawar's tinfoil signature check.
* The mode only includes content from nca files
*  If you include unlockers or converts the final file won't pass blawar's tinfoil verification. I'll add an option to prevent inclusion of modified ncas in this mode in future updates.
- Fixed japanese language detection in info functions and db functions for some games. (Note: Still need to fix the 11 japanese games that give a decoding error when gettingthe name)
- Several minor bugfixes
- Set update mode as LEGACY. Bound to be removed in future versions or to be repurposed as a content override mode.
- New naming follows the following scheme: name [titleid] [game version] (number of games + number of updates + number of DLCs)
- Noticed issues in the fat32 splitter with the new direct building modes so it's disabled in the beta.
- Since the splitter was disabled a slighty modified version of 0.80-c was included as stable if you need to do fat32 splitting use that version.
NOTE: In future versions the fat32 splitter will get it's own mode along new trimming functions to avoid interference with the current direct building modes.
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@julesontheroad julesontheroad released this Mar 6, 2019 · 24 commits to Beta since this release

In release v0.81-b the deltas were always ignored when repacking nsp files updates in the individual mode (which is the default option). This release solves that issue, linking it again to the user configuration.

And in release v0.81-c the configuration in the x64 and x86 versions wasn't changed properly hopefully this is the end of my chain of mistakes in this release XD

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@julesontheroad julesontheroad released this Mar 5, 2019 · 24 commits to Beta since this release


- Added direct generation without nca extracting for individual processing (mode 1)
- Added direct generation without nca extracting for multi-content splitter (mode3)
Note1: Both modes suppport all patches.
- Fixed issues with special characters when building by parsing user inputs and lists trough python. This also solves issues with japanese characters while building.
Note2: this made the interface a little slower at some points.
Note3: Base input in update mode and in the info functions is yet to be modified so if you run into issues there please rename the file.
- Since it was longed asked the Update Mode (Mode 4) was modified. Now titlerights are removed from the base and the same patches (keygeneration, RSV ...) are applied to the base content.
- Added database function (Mode6) It's a direct read from files and supports 3 formats nutdb, extended db and keyless extended. Last one is meant to be able to shared freely Database data can be importet as a CSV via Excel data function or similar functions to filter data.
* Currently is only applied to nsp and nsx. XCI support will come in the future
* It can recover keys from titlerights removed nca
* Currently it doesn't work with nca from standard crypto origin (xci, custom)
* It exports to the INFO folder.
* DLCs are named by number since name data can't be extracted from them.
* It'll support pulling DLC names from nut json files in the future
- Added new info function that shows in a simple way the content ids from a multicontent file
- Added option to verify keys.txt in the options configuration (Mode 0)
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Mar 5, 2019
Create install_dependencies.bat
Mar 5, 2019
Create install_dependencies.bat
Mar 5, 2019
Create install_dependencies.bat

@julesontheroad julesontheroad released this Jan 30, 2019 · 29 commits to Beta since this release


Since it was tried for a month without much issues we can consider it stable now.

- Fixed 32bits build dll issues in older windows distributions

- Added support ro new keygeneration in the reader function

- Fixed issue #issue-404121330 "Files on Network Shares are reported as Directories"

  • Fixed properly in 0.80-c
  • Thanks to IBNobody for the fix
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@julesontheroad julesontheroad released this Jan 27, 2019 · 35 commits to Beta since this release

v0.80- BETA VERSION with a lot of important changes

Erased all external program dependencies. Current program is fully powered by squirrel.exe or (Beta will be based on squirrel.exe

Added direct xci generation from nca files with new code. This increases the generation speed and makes it equal to nsp generation.

Added progression bars

Added direct generation to fat32 formats for nsp and xci

  • FAT32 xci files (xc0, xc1,...)
  • FAT32 compatible with SX rommenu (ns0, ns1,..)
  • FAT32 compatible with all installers (00, 01,..) in an archived folder. Folder is set as archived authomatically

Set zip generation to zip folder and deactivated it by default.

Added option to organize files on subfolders or individually in the output folder. By default it'll be individually.

Added option to configure buffer trough the bat. Increased default buffer to 64kB wich works best for me. Test different buffers to find your best one ;)

Change to false exit in auto-mode and linked it to the batch option that was before only used in manual mode.

Reduced "cls" calls in auto-mode"

Added minimun keys template. NOTE: The xci_header_key is optional, if not included the game-info will use default data already encrypted with a default IV.

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@julesontheroad julesontheroad released this Jan 1, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release

v0.79- Corrected detection for keygeneration 2 which fixes the issue with the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLCs

Added xml generation when repacking as NSP giving support to xci-explorer.

Fixed issue with NSCB clossing in info mode if you try to swap the file without turning back. File swapping is now enabled.

Improved the functions in mode 5 "file-info mode":

1.- Get CONTENT of the xci\nsp will show game data, types of files and size for all content inside the xci or nsp.
2.- GAME-INFO and FW requirements eas expanded with more information for dlc, editor information, language information ...
3.- Read the CNMT was expanded to include extended meta information.

Improved the naming in the spitter mode.

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