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Quick Search

Adding following command to menus or lanchers of your DE makes quick search / open of selected text

wyeb newselection ""

Also 'newselection' accepts values of the search section of the conf. Following command means search selection text in urban dictionary

wyeb newselection u

and following command means use the I'm Feeling Lucky

wyeb newselection f

Since the Adblock Extension takes boot time, using other suffix for quick searching is good idea. The reldomaindataonly of the conf for adblock is enough for that purpose.


You can add your own setting set [set:foober] and it can be swiched by set/set2/setstack actions.


If you want change it par process.

env http_proxy=http://foo:9999/ wyeb

Java Script

For example, fast-forward

wyeb // setstack script
wyeb // shjs "`cat .navnext.js`" 'wyeb // showmsg "$RESULT"'
wyeb // setstack ""

Make sure the enable-javascript of the set:script is true.

.navnext.js : most part is from the dwb page of the arch's wiki

	return "Next rel"
var f=document.getElementsByTagName("a");
var i=f.length;
while((e=f[--i])) if(
	return "Next elm";
	function(a,b,c){return ++b+c})
return "Next uri";


export DEBUG=1

This searches the extention in current working directory.


main.conf's keys are added often when wyeb is updated. Basicary lacking keys is not a problem though if you want to use new keys, following steps are usefull. Open a wyeb's window and open conf dir. Rename/remove main.conf and click the wyeb's window. Then main.conf being added new keys will be created.

Though search, raw, set:* and uri:* sections are not added.

for menu dir

Rename the menudir. Right click the wyeb's window. Then copy files from renamed dir to created menu dir if you've added files.

Icons of links of the main page

See the set:image

And there are 3 types of URIs for icon images.

  • wyeb:F : converted automatically to wyeb:f/uri
  • wyeb:f/uri : returns a visited page's favicon
  • wyeb:i/name : returns a desktop theme's icon.

Range Hinting

tohintrange accepts enter key just after start of range settled. So hintrangemax of the set and it make less type.


The hinting looks random because there are 3 types of hinting.

  1. tohint with hackedhint4js: searches clickable elms by area and makes pure click event.
  2. tohint: searches clickable tags and makes click event of html(DOM).
  3. others: searches uri of tags which selected by type (e.g. tohintopen/new/back searches only a and area tags) and dl/callback/opens the uri.

URI strings

If you want to see current URI not truncated, Just type O or W. O and W also show focused element's URI if it was.

Tab in hint mode

In hint mode, tab key makes focus at first element of hinted.

A trick for the main page

markdown(discount) treats text in tags as text. So <div>[link](URI)</div> outputs [link](URI) but <div><div>[link](URI)</div> outputs link as a link, I don't know why though.

Short cut keys(mnemonics) of the context-menu

If you made a menu item file with underscore in its name, the char following the underscore becames a access key.

Bookmarks of outer processes

You can make bookmarks openning outer processes on wyeb:main



handler=foo %s

CSS Memo

sh -c 'echo "a[href^=\"$LINK_OR_URI\"]{opacity:.3!important}" >> $CONFDIR/user.css'
wyeb // showmsg dimmed\ $LINK_OR_URI

or a::before

Searching a part of a link label

Selection of the entry is available even while it hidden. So just use context-menu > editLabelOrTitle on a link to select a part.

Right-click by the hinting

topointerright(Ctrl + p) and tohint(f)

ctrl-w on the entry

It stops even by /. So if you want go parent path, shift-o + ctrl-w + enter

Selectiong text by keys

The pointer mode's click is separated press and release. So press spece key and move pointer.

Scroll and right click on the window list

Scroll zooms the thumbs to a full size image of a page. Also right click closes it.

Removing a link in the

cd "$CONFDIR" && mv && grep -v "($LINK_OR_URI)$" >

Save above menu item to sub dir in the menu is good for miss click.

Rocker Gestures

Rocker gestures on drag and drop items works when you release the buttons severally.